2013 Partners


2013 Starts Christian Guys Ministries 7 Year of service to young men! We have seen so many amazing things this last year and feel that we are truly blessed to have been touch so many lives!

To date we have touched

  • Every Contintent
  • Every Sub-continent
  • All but 6 Countries

To keep a ministry going like this, it takes partners!  That is where you come in!

We are desperately looking for Thirteen (13) individuals, families, couples, churches, youth groups, college groups, etc to partner with us by offing only $13 a month for 13 months, in 2013.  You say “wait a minute… 13 months in 2013!” We would appreciate if your first gift could be in December 2012, so we can finish out 2012 in the BLACK rather than in the RED.

If you would be willing to partner with us, we have made it simple for you to set up a recurring $13 monthly donation via PayPal using the form below!  We are not asking for much, $13.00 is a small amount for most families.

Would you please consider helping young men become the men that God has called them to be through Christian Guys Ministries[donateextra]

[Instructions for Ministry Partner Giving]

Donation Amount: 13 or 13.00
Donation every 1 Month(s)
For 13 times

If you would like your donation to be placed on our Donor Wall, please check the box next to “Put my Donation on the Recognition Wall” and fill out the appropriate fields.

Thank you again so much for partnering with us!

Mike Gonzalez
Lead Pastor
Christian Guys Ministries

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