About Us

The basis for Christian Guys Ministries really started back when I (Pastor Mike) was still in Bible college. On more occasions that I can remember I became the confidant of the guys in the dorms that were struggling with a lot of different issues but mostly with issues of pornography and the Internet. Some of the guys got caught by leadership at the school, some gave into other temptations and some just left altogether. Christian Guys was started because I hated to see the end result of their struggle. Guys not becoming what God had called them to be. They were in Bible college for a reason but because of the areas that they were weak in they lost the passion for the things that God called them to and replaced it for the passion of the world.

My prayer with Christian Guys that we the Christian Guys can come along side other Christian guys and mentor, lead, support and help those who are struggling. We are not counselors, psychologists, doctors or psychiatrist. We are just Christian guys willing to become mentors offering advice and experiences to help you be the man who God wants you to be.

About Pastor Mike

Pastor Mike is the father of three active boys, and currently serves as a youth minister at a local church in the Greater Springfield Area!  He has served as Youth Pastor, Children’s Pastor, Administrative Pastor, as well Executive Director of Christian Guys Ministries!

His passion for helping young men become the Man that God has called them to be, runs deep in his heart,  It is his prayer that every young man have an opportunity and access to Godly Christian Men who can help guide them through   the trials of life!