At this stage in life, many young men are beginning to think about marriage! Everyone is asking, “so are you seeing anyone?” or you might be reading this and think, hey I am already married!

I want to share something with you that most of know in the back of our minds but never put into words or practice, it is called The Pyramid Principle.

If you look at a pyramid, and you have the man (husband) in the bottom left corner, the woman (wife) in the bottom right corner and God at the top point of the pyramid, as each of you move yourself toward a closer relationship with God, you in turn will draw closer to each other.

I am not trying to oversimplify the process, but you get the idea! I have seen too many young couples allow their marriages to fail because they did not allow God to be the focal point of their marriage!

An old saying says something like this… “Men, allow your spouse to get so close to Christ that to find her you have to find HIM!”

As always, if you need somewhere to turn to help your young marriage, please get in contact with us! We can refer you to some great Christian counselors who can help you and your spouse!


Written by Mike
Mike is the Lead Pastor of Restoration Church in Rogersville, MO and also serves as the Executive Director of Christian Guys International. When he is not working on ministry related things, he love to spend time with his beautiful wife and three boys!