99 Thoughts for College-Age People - PhysicalThe transition from high school to college is usually the most dramatic in young people’s lives. In this humorous and thought-provoking resource, Chuck Bomar offers up pearls of wisdom gained over years of personal and professional experience. It’s great as a graduation gift, as a college freshman small group discussion starter, or as any number of other uses. However you put it to work, you’ll be sure to save some young adults some pain, money, and from foot fungus.


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Life Direction
  • Thoughts on Intimacy
  • Unknown
  • Common Denominators
  • Roommate Etiquette
  • Money Wisdom
  • Education Wisdom
  • Random Daily Life “Wisdom”
  • Identity & Faith
  • Wisdom on Campus Ministries
  • Connecting with New People
  • Dating Wisdom

After serving for almost 9 years as pastor of student ministries at Cornerstone in Simi Valley, California, Chuck is now lead pastor of Colossae Church, in Portland Oregon. He’s founder of CollegeLeader.org and has helped over 45 churches start and develop a college-age ministry. Chuck has written numerous articles and is author of Foundations of College Ministry and 99 Thoughts for College-age People

Written by Mike
Mike is the Lead Pastor of Restoration Church in Rogersville, MO and also serves as the Executive Director of Christian Guys International. When he is not working on ministry related things, he love to spend time with his beautiful wife and three boys!