Being a Knight evolved more than just being a good fighter! There was not an authentic Knights Code of Chivalry as such – it was a moral system which went beyond rules of combat and introduced the concept of Chivalrous conduct – qualities idealized by knighthood, such as bravery, courtesy, honor, and gallantry toward women.

5 ways I think we have an opportunity share in the courteous nature of the Knight!

Do you have a minute?
When calling someone with whom there is no set phone appointment, ask “do you have a minute?” before jumping into that rant/talk.   Listen and make sure that person says “yes, I have a minute” before launching into that rant/talk.  Have you ever answered the phone and before you even say “Hello” the salesman or your friend starts right into talking.  How frustrating is that?  A simple “do you have a minute?” is all it takes.

The Golden Rule!
Be pleasant and polite to service staff no matter the venue. Issues can be addressed, but there are ways to do it with dignity and without demeaning someone.  I can not tell you how much I hate bad service, but I hate to see people, especially those whose career it is to wait on me, be treated poorly.  People make mistakes, as Christian men we set the example to the world how Christ regards us by the way we treat others. (Matthew 7:12, John 13:35)

Go Retro! Grab a Pen & Paper!
Write handwritten notes and send them through the mail!  Email, Texting and even Video Conferencing are all well and good but when you are trying to convey concern, or a personal touch nothing beats a hand written note.  Even if you do have bad handwriting!

What Goes Around Comes Around!
They don’t call it the circle of life for nothing!  Make sure to “take it” as good as you “dish it out.”  If you are one that likes to joke and kid around, make sure that you are just as good  a sport when someone is dishing back.  Try not to be “That Guy”

This should be a No Brainer!
Tell the truth — that way nothing really has to be remembered.  This is a simple Biblical foundation that our society wants us to think is “old fashion”.  When you tell a lie, you have to remember the details of that lie, and it has a tendency to snowball!  Be a man of Integrity and speak the truth, even when it is hard!  Part of being a man is “taking your lumps”

Written by Mike
Mike is the Lead Pastor of Restoration Church in Rogersville, MO and also serves as the Executive Director of Christian Guys International. When he is not working on ministry related things, he love to spend time with his beautiful wife and three boys!