“Remember that mentor leadership is all about serving. Jesus said, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Mark 10:45).”
― Tony Dungy, The Mentor Leader: Secrets to Building People and Teams That Win Consistently

The Need for the Christian Mentor:
If it is not apparent to you, just look at all the references to society and especially young adults today!  Young men today have more tools available to them than ever before, yet studies show that adolescence is extending into the mid to even late 20’s!  Drug usage is back on the rise, sexual promiscuity especially on the college campus is rampant.  Young ladies feel that the way to get a guy is to offer herself sexually, this is only fed by the young men themselves, who have not been taught how to treat and value a young lady for the treasure that she is.

The sad part of this story is that Christian young men are no different!  Statistics show that students who have made purity pledges and even wear a purity ring are by and large making the same choices as compared to their “non-christian” counterparts when it comes to choices of sexual behavior.

The Need to have a Christian Mentor:
In scripture we see that even the most able of men, Paul, Barnabas & Timothy we in need of others to speak into their life!  This is by no means a sign of weakness, quite contrary, if it were not for those men speaking into their lives, each of them may have made very different choices in their walk with God.  Paul had an equal in Barnabas, someone he could share ministry and life with, a confidant, a person who could lift him up, encourage him when the act of ministry was too heavy, he also had a young man who he could speak into and train, and prepare to take the next stage of ministry after his time was finished!  Timothy had Paul who was older and wiser and had been down the road of life already and could help navigate the twists and turns of life!

Each of us needs a Paul (Mentor), a Barnabas (Equal), and a Timothy (protegé’/mentee) in our life!   Now more than ever we have got to link arms with our Christian Father’s in the Faith, our partners, and our up and coming’s!  If you do not have all three of these people in your life, I would encourage you to find those people as soon as you can!

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