Setup for Failure

It’s been said “The Devil withholds consequences as a form of minipulation, when conseqences are not happening you are being setup for failure and destruction”

Have you ever considered that when you are in the middle of sin and you think that you are getting away with it that in reality the Enemy is actually holding back his minions so that you will go deeper and deeper into sin.

When we don’t have consequences for our actions we feel like we can continue in our sin with out any repercussions.

Many men spend years living in sin, whether it’s sexual sin, power, pride, or financial they continue to live these lives without any accountability or check system then when they think that they have gotten away with it, the Enemy dives in and pushes them over the edge! We have seen this happen over and over again in the news, in our churches and maybe even in our homes!

If you are at a stage where you think that you are getting away with it… you need to hit your knees to the floor and repent now because the enemy is just about to push you over the edge!

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