Cycle of Sin

TEMPTATION The ability to click on a button and have the entire vastness of internet is a power but sometimes dangerous thing. While the internet has much that is good about it, it also houses the “dark” places that our heart wants to visit. Too many of us fall into that trap by visiting sites that don’t honor our commitment to Christ.

REGRET Immediately after falling into temptation we then feel a deep sense of regret and shame. We know that what we have done is wrong but as Paul says For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. Rom 7:15 God created us in every way. He knows our heart before our mind can even think.

REPENTANCE We make promises never to allow that in our hearts again. Never to allow the enemy control over us again. We ask God to “help us” but what we really need is to help ourselves. God will always be there, he will never leave us, we offer our sin to him for it never to be seen again.

FREEDOM Finally after much searching, praying, and sharing with our accountability partner we find true freedom. Sometimes this means that we have to submit to the watchfulness of others, maybe even putting a block on our computer. Only God can give us true freedom from “the thorn in our flesh” God Bless You.

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