Managing the Pressures of Life

Managing the pressures of life, school, job, church! How to get through your day!

1. Start you day with prayer! I know that it sounds cliché but it really does make your day better! When you start with prayer your perspective on everything changes! When the inevitable situation arises your brain is fresh with the thoughts of your prayer time. Try it just for the next two or three days and see the difference at the end of the day!

2. Have a Paul! One the greatest yet least utilized resources in our life is that of a mentor! Find a man in your life that you can speak to about anything and everything in your life! A man who you are able to share details with confidently! You know they are not going to blab to everyone else!

3. Find time to rest! Men are naturally driven for results! If you are like me, I am constantly thinking and planning and looking forward two or three steps toward the next project! God created us with a 6 day cycle! On the 7th day God intends for us to have some time of rest. Take some time to sit down and read a good book or pick up a new hobby! When the pressures of life hit, you are not already at your wit’s end, you are fresh and ready to take on the challenge! Even boxers have breaks in between rounds.

In this life you will have trouble! Sound familiar? Life is like anything else; you have to plan a head or all you will do is jump from fire to fire, never feeling like you have accomplished anything!

Read thru the 23rd Psalm and allow the words to work into your heart!

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